A musical remedy for waiting room anxiety

Atmo Select

We have all been there. Waiting in a waiting room for our dentist‘s or doctor‘s appointment. More often than not we have to wait longer than we anticipated. Some of us are going for innocent check-ups, others are waiting to hear about potentially life-threatening diseases, and some of us simply dread going to the doctor or dentist irrespective of how innocent our complaint might be. Let‘s face it, we would all rather be somewhere else.

Usually, the choice of music in waiting rooms is left to chance; an employer picks a radio station or a playlist of his/her own choice and the matter is solved. But blaring radios and personal playlists can sometimes be totally inappropriate and cause patients to become more anxious, and even offended. Such inappropriate choices can tarnish the professional image of a doctor‘s or dentist‘s clinic, and leave the patient with a bad impression.

We all have different opinions about what music we would like to relax to. There is, however, actually a lot of quantitative and qualitative research available on the subject, and the type of music which is best suited to relax people is not always what you would expect. This is what music therapists and musicologists specialise in. Health professionals such as physicians, psychologists and physical therapists sometimes refer their patients to music therapists, not only to help patients relax, but also to improve emotional development, social skills, cognitive function and quality of life. Music can impact how we feel and function on many levels.

Music can therefore certainly be a remedy for waiting room anxiety and help create a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. By putting a little effort into the music chosen on the basis of sound research, an atmosphere can be created where patients relax and care is taken that they are neither offended nor made to feel more anxious than they already are. Finally some food for thought: Next time you visit the dentist or doctor take note of the sound in the waiting room. How does it make you feel?

ATMO Select provides professional management of music and we have engaged experts in the field of musicology and music therapy to compile relaxing and pleasant music for waiting rooms. If you are interested in learning more about the right music for your waiting room please contact us at: info@atmoselect.com

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