Music and Fashion


Fashion and Music: Where one goes, the other follows

Music and fashion have been inextricably linked since the days of Elvis Presley with musicians providing fashion designers with endless inspiration. Some bands have sparked fashion trends such as Nirvana with grunge, others have teamed up with fashion designers; Malcolm Maclaren and the Sex Pistols‘ collaboration with Vivienne Westwood brought punk into mainstream fashion; Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier‘s collaboration led to the launch of a new fashion trend, brassieres and corsets. More recently musicians have ventured into fashion more directly by launching their own fashion brands such as Rihanna with River Island and Pharrell Williams‘ Billionaire Boys Club.

Many fashion brands have made music an intrinsic part of their marketing strategy and the most conventional way has been to license a song and use it in a company‘s advertising campaign. Fashion brands have, accurately, seen music as a way to connect more deeply with their customers and to build a stronger brand identity, simply because music can turn customers into fans. But music doesn´t only support a business‘ brand identity in their marketing strategy, music can also enhance a customer‘s experience of a brand in-store and in that way create a much stronger brand affiliation. To fully understand how important music can be in this context, imagine entering a fashion store on the high street where no music is played. That would certainly leave the customer feeling something is missing. Likewise, a customer walking into a fashion store, where music has been thoughtfully chosen with the fashion brand‘s values in mind, is going to identify much more strongly with the brand than if the choice of music is left to chance.

Fashion retailers have increasingly focused on providing their customers with a unique experience in their stores and music is an important element of that experience. Music creates the ambience and can enhance whatever feeling a retailer wants their customers to feel. The sound of a brand is based on the brand‘s values and is supposed to reflect the ‘feel´ of the brand. A distinct sound doesn´t mean a company needs to pick one musician or even one genre to reflect their brand values; the sound of a brand can encompass different genres and musicians. Sometimes music will be designated to the background, sometimes it will be loud and obtrusive, both can constitute the right choice depending on the brand and its objectives. Whatever the case may be it shouldn´t be left to the only employee who happens to like Metallica on full blast to decide. Sophisticated brand management doesn‘t leave anything to chance; it‘s strategic and consistent on all levels and in every location. So its no surprise then that more and more fashion brands are recognizing the importance of managing music in-store and engaging professionals to control that aspect of their brand.

ATMO Select provides professional management of in-store music. We work with our customers to find the right sound of a brand based on an analysis of the brand‘s customer base and the company‘s objectives. We don´t leave anything to chance.

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