Creating a positive experience for hotel guests depends on a lot of factors; hotel facilities, service levels, staff attitude, the interior design and even how lighting is controlled in the hotel. All of these factors play an important part in creating an atmosphere that is unique for your hotel and sets you apart from your competitors.

While most hoteliers are aware of the fact that some sort of music has to be played in their establishments, its significance is often underestimated. Numerous studies have examined the effects music has on consumer behavior; volume, tempo, different genres, all of these factors influence our behavior differently and can be used to create the desired atmosphere at the right place at the right time. Since music has such a strong impact on consumers, it is important to choose music strategically and to recognize its importance in adding extra value to a hotel brand. Different areas of your hotel have different atmospheres, the key is to define where and what kind of music adds value to the overall experience and then create the appropriate music profile. Music has the power to create the exact ambience you want your hotel guests to experience and be a major factor in creating a memorable experience. In fact, the right music can be the reason why your guests return and recommend you to others.

This is where ATMO Select comes into play and what we specialize in. We know how to help you translate your brand identity into a music profile that fits with your strategic goals. We can help you tie together all important aspects of your brand so that your guests will experience whatever feeling you would like them to associate with your hotel, whether that be exclusiveness, trendiness or modernity, take your pick!

If you are interested in knowing how music can add value to your unique hotel experience, please contact us. We would love to hear what makes your hotel special and to help you create an even more memorable experience for your guests.

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