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Ivar Kristjansson
with an ATMO Select Music Box

Strategic and
customised music
service for all

USD $30 million
venture capital fund

ATMO Select in-store music service secures expansion capital to fund growth

$1.5 MM Series A round led by Brunnur Ventures powers sales growth and international expansion

REYKJAVIK — December 8, 2015 — ATMO Select, a provider of in-store music for businesses, has secured $1.5 million in funding by Brunnur Ventures, a USD $30 million venture capital fund based in Iceland. ATMO Select today serves an expanding retail client base across the Nordic region, Benelux and Germany.

ATMO Select enables retailers to create, control and precisely customise music program schedules to adjust store mood to the day of the week, or time of the day, based on strategic brand profiling across their businesses. A sophisticated product promotion and announcement-scheduling engine provides the ability to broadcast or target in-store messaging to any location.

Chief Executive, Ivar Kristjansson was co-founder and formerly served for 15 years as CEO and CFO for successful online gaming company CCP Games.

“We have built a unique in-store customer experience and marketing solution that enables retailers to positively influence consumer behaviour,” commented Ivar Kristjansson, CEO of ATMO Select, “Current software-only streaming solutions are vulnerable to network interruption and employee manipulation. Our hardware-software combo offers retailers of all sizes the power, sophistication and control of an enterprise system at a new affordable price point.”

“With more than 7 million stores in the US and Europe alone, background music for business represents a very large market that is poorly served today. The challenge of e-commerce is driving retailers to focus more keenly on their competitive edge and very few retailers today are yet taking full advantage of the power of music to adjust in-store purchasing patterns,” commented Arni Blöndal, General Partner at Brunnur Ventures, “We believe that ATMO’s powerful value proposition is aligned with industry mega trends and its dramatic ROI makes for a strong sell to retailers that can evolve into a force in the B2B music market.”

ATMO Select’s proprietary on-site hardware and cloud-based delivery platform offers the highest quality digital music with minimal demands on the clients’ staff and network infrastructure, ensuring consistent performance, entirely independent of connectivity, all for a simple monthly subscription. For full information, pricing and contact details email or visit

About ATMO Select

ATMO Select ehf ( was founded in 2007 and started providing music streaming solutions in 2009. ATMO Select offers a strategic and customised music service for all businesses, as well as complete audio branding solutions, trademark sound stamps, original music and sound design.
ATMO Select has been expanding its international presence, with offices in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Oslo, Miami and Reykjavik and a rapidly growing customer base that includes many household brands.

For more information, pricing or to speak with one of our sales representatives about your needs visit or call us today.


Ivar Kristjansson
Chief Executive
Tel: +354 863 9339

About Brunnur Ventures

Brunnur Ventures (Brunnur vaxtarsjóður slhf) is a USD $30 million venture capital fund focused on investing in Icelandic start-up companies, emphasizing innovation and growth, combined with scalable business models and extraordinary entrepreneurial talent.

The Fund is managed by SA Framtak GP ( together with Landsbref hf.


Árni Blöndal
General Partner
Brunnur Ventures
SA Framtak GP
Tel: +354 571 7373

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